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We are about bringing bringing like-minded men together for some good fellowship and fun.

EVERY Second Saturday of

each month.

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"Do you really believe what you say you believe is real?" How much are you investing in Eternity?

Have a couple beers or glass of wine or soft drink and a cigar… if you’d like, join in and play poker. And, feel free to bring your favorite cigars with you or try ours.

EVENT COST: $.05… that's right, a nickel.  Bring a friend and check it out… you won't be sorry... but, if you are, we will refund your nickel.

So, what’s the DOWNSIDE?  You need to be on-time at 7 pm… it’s okay to leave when you want, but be on-time. We have a limited number of seats, so don’t procrastinate.

You must RSVP – We need your first & last name and the name of your guest, if any, to notify the Country Club Gate. Email RSVP: LyleNB@gmail.com

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